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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
Oiling the bore after each shot and then running a dry patch to mop it out keeps the velocity a great deal better in consistency.
oiling the bore after each shot even if you do run a dry patch is only asking for trouble.
if you oil the bore, then run a dry patch, then charge with powder, even the slightest oil residue left behind can contaminate the powder.
I learned this years ago from my own trial eand error practices, any form of Black powder can easily become contaminated.
I'm just wanting to warn others about my own experiences while using Black powders,
So personally I would not recommend oiling a bore between shots and,
i'm quite certain oiling the bore while shooting does absolutely nothing to improve accuracy but oiling does preserve and protect the barrel during storage.
As a matter of fact, while in the military I remember getting a good butt chewing because my bore was oily. (according to him)
but patch after patch it appeared Dry enough to me but my DS, wasn't liking it at all at the time. JMO....

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