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Welcome to Deer hunting

A couple of things you need to do getting started.

1. Have you completed a hunter safety course in the State you are going to hunt. Check if you haven't you may need to take it.

2. People are reporting the Deer are already there. Worry less about attracting them and more about learning as much as you can about her land. Access roads for you to use to drive in, basic topography of the land- ridges, swamps, tree lines, fence rows, adjancent properties.

3. After you are comfortable walking around in her land bring a packed backpack and start spending time just sitting and watching. Deer tamp down the grass and brush and will make trails that look like bike trails. You want to spend time just sitting there and watching.

4. The more time you spend in the woods the more sounds you will start hearing. Something like 90% of hunting is sitting and trying to not move or make any sounds.

5. This is what I really like about Deer Hunting- Selecting your Deer Rifle and getting it ready. This forum is loaded with Shooters/Hunters that love going to the range and preparing for the shot at a Whitetail. If you don't already have a rifle you will get alot of suggestions. If you have one to use we can point out some items you can work on to get yourself ready.

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