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In your case as well as all hunters, experience does matter. So don't beat yourself up for limited success so far. I think that proper scent control is the single most important issue to start with. If you are sweating going into your stand then the deer will pick you out downwind every time. Start by washing all your hunting clothes in a scent free product. Locate a stand location where a couple of well used trails merge. Set your stand off to the side of the two merging trails hopefully on the down wind side. I set my stands with regard to the sun, always keeping my back to the sun. These trails should have prints heading both directions, indicating you have found a stand between bedding and feeding areas. If you have pine trees crush some needles in your hand and rub the pine scent on your camo clothes it will help cover your scent. Patience is the key. Scouting is a must. Practice will get you ready for the shot when it happens. Know your comfort kill range and stick with it. Wait for a broadside shot to get a double lung hit. Try to locate a seasoned hunter to buddy up with and your success with raise. Good luck!
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