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Karl you're right on that account. I was thinking for seasoned hunters with hunting rigs they know 300yds is not unethical. Having the right shot at any range is the most important part of shooting. When I was hunting Colorado my 270 WM was sighted in at 200 yds and getting 2" groups. 300 yds would have been well with-in my ethical range. I agree 100% that many hunters with little range time and rifles that were never intended to be long range shooters should limit their shots to a safe yardage with-in their capabilities. Heck with my eyes today I've had to limit all open sight shooting at deer to 50-75 yds. So the answer to the question... know your safe shooting yardage through proper range time, know your rifle's ethical kill range and ballistics and finally apply the above and you won't be chasing wounded game all over the countryside.
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