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The Once a year Shooters/Hunters

I see every year at hunter sight in days, the once a year shooters. In some cases these shooters never learned how to shoot. Either they weren't in the Military, or never took the time to master the art of shooting. The majority of them are safe and polite. They just can't shoot worth a xxxx.
As safety Range Officers we are not there to be shooting coaches but we often find ourselvers compelled to offer some suggestions. We also often get to help with zeroing their rifle scopes.
On Friday the day before the Deer opener we get shooters walking up with brand new rifles. The store just mounted their rifle scopes and optically zeroed them. The shooter has 2 or 3 boxes of whatever ammo the clerk talked them into.
1. Untried rifle, it's new?
2. Untried scope, it's new?
3. Was it mounted correctly?
4. Store optically zeroed the scope, what a joke?
5. Shooter's ability, total unknown?
The crazy part is usally we manage to get this person dialed in where they are hitting around the center of the bull before they run out of ammo. But this is the person that really should not be shooting at over 100 yards at an animal.

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