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I will add to this again & say the best broadhead is the one that works for you & you are confident with. It took me a few tries to get the ones I like the rage were a little expensive at the time but most good expandables now are in the same price range I have shot Muzzy four blades & I would buy them in a heartbeat if I shot fixed blades I personally like expandables it is what I feel shoots the best for me & I will not shoot anything other then the rage untill they let me down I have tried Nap, trophy ridge & wasp & for me I was not impressed
It is hard when there are so many different broadheads on the market fixed, expandables, chisel tips, cut on contact, 2 blade, 3blade , 4 blade rear deploying it is just endless & can make a new to archery persons head explode
best advise I could give is narrow your search down to what type of broadhead YOU want & try them be prepared to spend some money testing them. another good point ifyou have some archery buddies try theirs out my group all saw what my broadheads will do & now they have switched so we all shoot the same Nice if you have an issue (can always borrow one) Time to stop ranting Good Luck on what ever you decide

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