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Originally Posted by Buckshot View Post
I bought the 45 watt kit from Habor Frieght for $145. With a coupon from a sales paper. The kit came with three 15 watt panels, a charge controller, two 12v lights and all the wiring needed to put it together. In addition to the kit I bought two 110 amp hr deep cycle batteries and the 1150 watt inverter. The batteries were about $80 each and the inverter was $90.

so the set up I have now I have about $400 in.
Thanks sir. That doesnt sound to bad considering the money it would cost to run a wire to this outbuilding. I think cost would be about the same if you wired it right. The work would be a whole lot easier. (nothing fun about renting a crappy trencher and my 102lb self trying to muscle it around)

The barn already has plenty of juice to run anything I want. Air compressor or whatever. So I really dont need another outdoor building with lots of power.
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