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checked scope and everything is tight, and diffent bullets are on the way. none of the local store sell muzzleloading stuff so have order it online or take a 2 hour drive. Either way it saves to buy bulk, I'm well stocked on powder and caps. Bullets ship free so can order just a few at a time. From what I've read powder type and ignition type only make small differnce's, where as charge snd saybot/bullets can have a dig difference. I may try differnt powder once I burn thought what I got. Here's my thinking. If I shoot 3 different bullets of the same basic shape and same weight...... They will eack fly differently but still make a 3" or so group???? If I shoot 3 bullets of different wight..... they will not group because of the drop, maybe a little drift to one side other other but the elevation so be only real big difference???? or would it look like I was shooting a shot gun with random holes everywhere?
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