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My thoughts on a 300 yard shot on Deer/Elk

Thank you for your service to the Country. Shooting a game animal is in my opinion a different world then hitting a siloette on the range. Combat is another story, and I am not qualified to compare hunting to Combat. I do know that as Rifleman/Hunters we owe it to the animals we are hunting to not wound them. We should only take a shot that we feel confident is a killing shot so the animal does not suffer. We are always taught to think of the kill zone on a Deer to be a pie plate. If you aren't able to hit a pie plate everytime at the range standing from 200 yards away, don't shoot at Deer 200 yards away standing. You find a rest or just get closer to the animal. Obviously it is harder to hit what you are shooting at if the range is 300 yards rather than 200 yards. That is why most Rifleman/Hunters really shouldn't be shooting at animals 300 yards away. Thank you again for your service to the Country.

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