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help with bullets and sighting in

I've hunted with my 30.06 and 270 win for years, played around with patch and ball muzzleloaders and just got a Traditions Evolution .50 cal inline muzzleloader with a cabelas powderhorn scope to hunt with this season. using loose powder and #11 caps. First day at the range I used 240g Traditions plinkers sight in bullets and played with the charge and settled on 90g. Sighted it to a 2" group at 100 yards, figure practice would bring it in tighter. a week later back at the range, the first shot out of a clean barrel was a perfect bulls eye, second shot was 1/2" off the first and third was a flyer. I switched to what I planned on hunting with, hornady sst 250g. Still using 90g charge, shot 3 and checked the group. all 3 grouped 6" low and 8" right. figured they be low but suprised they were right. adjusted the sights till they where grouping around the bulls eye. Not wanting to waste the more exspensive bullet while working on steading my shot I switched back to the plinkers. Now shooting high and left????? I have read that it takes time to get to where you load and seat the bullet the same way everytime and that a slight diffence can change how it shoots but for one bullet to concistantly shoot left and another to shoot right has me scrating my head. ruled out fouling (use a spit patch between shots) because they would be everywhere, not in groups. Any insights? Is there smething affecting the shot I'm not seeing or is this usual when shooting different saybot and bullets?
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