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Interesting Bullet Combo

I have tried the TC shockwave 250gr bullets with 2-50gr 777 pellets. With a TC Omega I can hold 1-1.5" groups at 100 yards. I have been using the 295gr HP powerbelt with 2 pellets and holding 3" groups at 100 yards. The TC Shockwaves are much more difficult to load but are much more accurate as a result.

Here is an idea. Any muzzleloader is much more accurate after the first shot. Take that first shot prior to muzzleoader opener to prep your barrel for the season. Use the TC shockwave for the first hunting load. If you should require a second shot then go to the Powerbelt as you can load it with your thumb and use your ramrod to send it down. (no bullet starter required for the Powerbelt but is required for the TC Shockwave)

I mention this because I hunt from treestands 95% of the time. It is dang near impossible to try to reload the TC Shockwave 20 ft up. I have tried it and dropped various articles out of the tree. I can load the Powerbelt in half the time. Yes, you may sacrifice a little accuracy but reduce reloading cycle time.

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