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Originally Posted by beetlebomb View Post
Looking back now I'm convinced those deer I lost for lack of blood trail were out there dead within 100 yards and if I had that knowledge back then I bet I would have found most of them. As it was I didn't know what to think. The way they took off like they weren't touched threw me and I figured they were long gone.
always look for the tail tail sign "THE TAIL" if the tail is down after you shoot at a deer 99% you got him,if tail is up and flaggin 99% you missed. also if you dont see blood find your arrow and she what it tells you.also look for hair and or stomach juice. If you do see blood the color of it will tell ya were you hit it at also. brite red thick blood is heart, red to pink foamy blood is lungs.if blood is very dark red to almost brown its liver.if this is what you got give the deer plenty of time to bed down and bleed out.This shot can take awhile to put deer down.if you start pushing it you will be in for a long tracking job and may loose it
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