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Rifles all have a personality to them

If you are not heart set on one Manufacturer I would recommend that you get one box each of Rem 150gr and 165gr. Same with regular red box Federals in 150gr and 165gr. If your budget allows then grab one box each of Federal fusions in 150gr and 165gr. With a clean bore then fire two shot strings at 25 yards of each one. Your rifle may not like some of the selections. Now drop back to 50 yards and repeat the test. You should have some offerings making one hole groups. Those are the ones that I would be staying with and doing the final zero with. After you have eliminated the others just have fun shooting up them. The more trigger time you get with your rifle the better you will shoot it. Just don't let it get real hot. A couple of two shot groups and then go down range and have a look at the targets.

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