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My 9 Pointer Mount

My first dear was biggy, It was bow season, My first with a bow. I practiced for a couple of months, shooting in my back yard, getting it down to a science. I carefully picked a nice location. First day out I made a nice clean shot at a big dear. It ran for about a hundred yards and dropped. It wasn't my first dear but my first bow kill. I wanted it mounted. I bring it to a reputable taxidermist and payed the down-payment. 9 months later I get a call that my mount is done. I'm excited. The next pay-day I head to the Taxidermist to pick it up. They bring out a 6 pointer (head mount) Long story short, after a long argument with the owner I convince him that this is not my dear and they can't seem to find my 9 pointer.
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