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Muzzy's versus Slick Tricks

Anyone got an opinion on the comment below, from this web site:

fixed blade broadheads in a crossbow? - Forums

(scroll down 5 comments to Centaur 1 to see the whole comment)

"The bad thing with a Muzzy is that the blades are held into the ferrule with their "trocar" tip.

When the ferrule is machined the threads for the tip are cut on the front end of the ferrule then the slots for the blades are cut into the tip. If you know anyone who is a machinist ask them what happens when you take an aluminum shaft thats the diameter of an arrow, then starting at the end slice longitudinal slots into it.

Depending on whether you have 3 or 4 blade heads, you'll be left with 3 or 4 fingers of aluminum that have a tendency to bend outward and maybe even twist.

Now keeping in mind that using threads for alignment is inaccurate, and that the ferule now has a slight bend and twist from the machining process; at this point on a Muzzy broadhead you will insert the blades into the slots and screw the trocar tip onto the end, using the threads to attempt realignment of the four fingers of the ferule, the four blades, and the tip itself.

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I've personally checked this using a granite surface plate, vee blocks and a dial indicator. Even when I use this setup to try and achieve better arrow flight, I only get patterns which could be considered "good enough".

Now about Slick Tricks, (broadheads) there's no such alignment problems, the ferrule is solid steel, without that extra tip that screws on. Every time that I've spun an arrow with a Slick Trick installed, it has spun perfectly. And yes, I use the same dial indicator on them also".
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