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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Was wondering how often one should lube the rail on crossbows? String I know but I see where they sell some high dollar rail lubricant and was wondering if it was necessary and how often to use it. Thanks for any info.

My Ten Point manual recommends one drop of their rail lubricant on each side of the rail then spread it the length of the rail with your finger for every 75 to 100 shots.
I don't like those instructions because do they mean after 100 practice shots or 100 hunting conditions shots?

I hunt Oct. to Jan. and if I don't shoot at a deer I unload by taking one practice shot at 30 yards when I get back to my trailer. According to those instructions I would only need to lube my rail once a year but what about the weather/humidity/temperature changes, etc. and their effect on those two drops over 3 months?

In seven years I don't think I've gone more than ten shots without lubing and I just had the string and cables changed this year and the center serving on the string was not frayed that bad.
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