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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
No problem with blood trails here. 2 reasons:#1 none have gone far enough to get out of my site.#2 using muzzy 3 blade BHs a blind man could follow the blood trail,they gush blood after the muzzys get them. As for your arrows deflecting when hitting bone I would think IMORNO you need to change BHs. My muzzys will go thru both shoulder no problem. I had a buck come out just before dark.He would not turn to give me broadside shot.At 25yds I stuck him center of his chest and arrow came out left ham. He went straight up and straight back down DRT
Sorry this post got over on your thread Hellbilly. It was my first one and I goofed.
And Thanks for the input. Man, am I ever getting the picture on the Muzzy's!
You're the 4th. one who has told me the same thing!
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