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My thoughts on various bolt guns

This is a Chevy, Ford, Dodge thing but here goes...

Stainless is really cool, but most hunters don't let their rifles rust. A stainless barrel will outlast a blued one but it is going to take more shots than most of us would ever fire through it.

Walnut wood stocks are the best for looks. Synthetic stocks are the most durable against abuse. Laminated are as stable as Synthetic and feel like wood because they are. The laminates are the heaviest of the stock choices.

I really like the quality of the Winchester M70. The M70 action is one all the others is compared to. I also like the featherweight contour of the barrel used on the Featherweight model. The new M70s have the controlled round claw action. The one I have had for about 30 years is their older push feed action. The safety is three position and the trigger on the M70 is a good one. The newest ones have an improved one.

The Remington M700 is a really good action. The Marines went with the Remington M700 in the late 60s inplace of the Win M70 due to Winchester having some business issues. I personally like the stock design of the Mountain rifle and also their new CDL version. Some shooters complain about the fact this a push feed action, I personally think the whole push/controlled argument is overrated. The M700 has always had a good trigger, they also have improved their trigger now being used.

The Ruger M77 is Bill Rugers answer to when Winchester changed the M70 in 1964. The Ruger has built in scope mounts which are part of the action. The original M77s had a tang mounted safety the newer style M77s have a three position thumb safety. My Son just bought a new M77 Hawkeye in 30-06 that we are excited about shooting. It is a very nice rifle.

The Savage 110s are very accurate. They have a multiple piece bolt compared to the others that are either machined as one piece or welded together. Savage uses a barrel nut attachment system that allows the rifles to be very accurate and consistant. They offer a new style trigger system that is safe and allows for a very light trigger pull. I don't find the Savages as smooth an action when working them and they are not as attractive for me when I compare them to the competition.

Browning A or X bolts, these are popular. One of my buddies has an A bolt and it is accurate. The X bolt is suppose to be an improved version.

Weatherby Vangards are Weatherby's entry level rifles made for them by Howa in Japan. These are old school push feed actions with a one piece bolt. The only negitive I have for these is they tend to be long with a 24 inch barrel, and are also on the heavy side.

I hope these observations from me help to get you noticing their little differences when you start comparing them in the store.

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