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New Deer Rifle - Looking To Be Educated

Hello all. I've done some side jobs and I'm going to get a new rifle/scope with the money.

I hunt white tail deer in "sort of" Northern Kentucky. This area of land has moderate hills. The lease we have contains a combination of standard woods, thick brush, cleared power lines, and the occasional open field. The multi-purpose rifle I have my eye on is the Remington 700, Stainless barrel in .308 caliber. All this is up for debate and change but that's my starting point. The base version of the Rem 700 Stainless .308 is around $650 I think.

I'm willing to put my money into just the rifle and put on a cheaper scope that I already have and put on a nicer scope next year. I know I won't get full value out of rifle in year 1 with a cheaper scope but in the end I'll have what I want instead of having to go cheaper on the rifle.

I will have about $1000 to spend but I don't want to buy a rifle just to use all that money meaning I don't want to spend to my budget but rather find out what I want and hope it is within budget.

Question: Do you agree with the Remington 700 and in a .308 caliber? If not what do you suggest? I started with it because it is all I really know... two of my hunting buddies have one and like it.

With whatever base rifle you suggest would you get the cheapest stock then upgrade with an aftermarket?

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