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Originally Posted by steelslinger View Post
I need some recommendations on crossbows. I will be buying my first within the next 2 years. What I look for is something simple, accurate, and tough. I do not need a bunch of bells and whistles, fancy paint jobs, or a bow that high maintenance. I started looking around a few weeks ago and found many crossbows out there cost as much or more than high end rifles with all the fancy paint jobs, trigger jobs, tricked out barrels and super secret big buck attracting recoil pads. What recommendations do yall experienced crossbowers have for me?
I paid the big bucks for a Ten Point Elite and I've changed the scope for more light and besides did not like the red dot scope as the dot got fuzzy and distorted after a year of use.
I don't use the "Steady Eddy" that you had to buy with it for my hunting style so you want to consider that. I bought a soft case and never use the clumsy luggage type case that came with it. I need the string crank but if you have the strength to pull it back I would eliminate that expensive item.

I've got a suspicion though about the lighter crossbows.
Once when I was in the bow shop a guy came in with a newer crossbow and the whole upper part with the limbs had come loose and it wasn't just a simple tighten bolts job.
Also, I've heard of guys putting rifle scopes (likely cheap ones….but) on their crossbows and the recoil vibrations are so weird or whatever that the eyepiece of the scope cracks at the threads and breaks off. I've heard of this more than a few times. So I figure the high end crossbows are heavy for a good reason.
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