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Originally Posted by FrontierGander View Post
i shoot over 5,000 rounds year from an assortment of muzzleloaders that the Vortek while a nice gun would start throwing shots after 2 shots out the barrel. A good solid 5 minute cool down was needed in order to achieve solid accuracy. The trigger shape is also uncomfortable and tends to make you pull in an upward motion, increasing the trigger pulls feel. That was one huge reason I did not do an entire lot of shooting. They need to straighten that trigger design out and then add a good recoil pad, then it will be almost perfect.

The ceracoat itself is easily scratched off.

We'll see how my cva accura mountain rifle compares.
FG, Out of all the expert shooters that compared the Vortek against other ML'er's, you're the only one that claims these issues.
I think I'd rather value their findings vs. yours.

let's take a look at just one review by Randy Smith from ChuckHawks,com here are a couple quotes from his review.

CeraKote coating;

"The Vortek features a CeraKote ceramic anti-corrosive coating of the frame assembly.
I often carry Traditions muzzleloaders by the frame just behind the forearm.
I learned to monitor the frame for rust from perspiration or contamination in wet or hot weather.
The new CeraKote frame coating makes maintenance and regular inspection of this area of the gun much less critical"
"The solid stainless steel barrel is much less likely to become discolored from powder contamination, as was the case
with the former C-Nickel finish. The barrel is 360-degree ported to help reduce muzzle jump.
A 1:28” twist, 28” fluted barrel balances very nicely with the rest of the rifle and creates the sensation of an extremely well balanced rifle.
The Vortek’s balance, heft and excellent trigger design blend to create an easy to shoot and accurate muzzleloader."

Trigger assembly;

"Remove one screw and the entire trigger assembly drops out for thorough cleaning.
Trigger pull is light with minimal creep and over-travel. The trigger guard is generously proportioned to allow easy access for heavily gloved fingers.
Experienced riflemen will tell you that trigger quality will make or break any premium firearm design.

The Traditions company has got this trigger right and it dramatically enhances long range accuracy

Nobody disputes the Vortek's Superior accuracy except FrontierGander !

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