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And that's what is all about. I have seen so many of my old hunting buddies drop out of the sport. It makes me wonder why I still love it so much, yes I have killed a lot of deer and some nice bucks, but it is really more than that. It is much more than the thrill of the kill, it's all the things you mentioned HM and more. The fact that we still drag our butts of a warm bed well before daylight and get out in the weather to challenge our outdoor skills is something that many people will never understand. I don't hunt just to kill, although a full freezer is a good thing, it is really all the things that come with the hunting that keeps me going. Ok I will admit it here, I'm addicted, I am a fanatic and this slight change in the temps here in TN has got me running like a buck in rut.:)

If your to busy to go hunting, your just to busy.
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