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Personal preference comes into play on which model you choose. I like natural wood. I have a TC firehawk in walnut 50cal, a custom flint maple Hawken in 54, and a TC flint 50 cal PA hunter in walnut. I've never had a wood issue with weather in over 40 years of hunting. I'd go with either a 50 or 54 in a muzzlleloader, and that would be determined by what type of bullet/powder combination I was going to use. Pellets and sabots I'd go with a 50, loose black powder and I'd go with a 50 or 54. Young hunters really don't need the three 150gr pellets as 100 gr is plenty to bring down all the deer/black bear you might encounter. Just remember that muzzleloaders MUST be cleaned after every hunt they are used. At the end of every day I clean the barrel lightly with a solvent soaked patch and followed by dry patches. At the end of the hunt I run solvent wet patches till they come out clean followed by dry patches and finally rem oil patched. The gun is disassembled and every part cleaned and lubed. There is no need to use the old hot soapy water method. This system has worked well for me as my guns look like new. Good luck and happy hunting.

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