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Originally Posted by SouthrnChrmer450 View Post
The only buck I've harvested (my only deer so far, actually) was a button buck. And because I don't feel like getting laughed at, I'm not posting a picture of it! :-P
WHY?, Why would anyone laugh at you for shooting a button buck?
If a button buck and a 10 pointer were standing on a woodline and the best shot to harvest one of them was on the Button Buck,
I'd gladly take the button Buck and you should too, you should "BeProud", be VERY PROUD for being able and willing to help the family
put meat on the table. Who cares if someone wants to laugh about it, Let them laugh, just remember, you're the one eating the Healthy Backstraps !!!
There's a lot more I could add but I think you get my point. Good Luck always

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