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Well, I did some more range work with my 8mm Rem Mag and I have discovered that my rifle does not like 200gr Accubonds or Partitions, but does like 220gr Sierra and 250gr Barnes Originals.
First: The 200gr Accubonds will give me 3154fps and the Partitions will give me 3137fps. These are awesome velocities but accuracy is not acceptable to me running 1 at best to 3 for most groups.

Second: The 220gr Sierra SBT gave me last time I was at the range working with this bullet 3016fps on the average. This time 3018fps on the average with 21 Extreme Spread and 9 Deviation and a three shot group size of .487 This was the seventh and last group I fired and still had this level of accuracy after all that recoil. The first group I fried was after one fouling round from a clean barrel and it was a three shot group that was .849 and it had an Extreme Spread of 20 and a Deviation of 9 giving me 3017fps.
Three shot group .487", 220gr Sierra SBT, 3018fps average

Three shot group .849", 220gr Sierra SBT, 3017fps

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