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I'm new HERE, but have over 50 years of hunting behind me. Sad to say I've more experience than future when it comes to hunting. I'd like to pass on what I've learned over the years, not only as a hunter, but a taxidermist who has spoken with tons of successful hunters, as well seen what different calibers do to game and meat. Also, I did my beginning hunting in Vermont, so I know what that part of the country is like in the deer woods. I've hunted everything from whitetails in the east to muleys and elk in the west , where I now live, and caribou up north. Not bragging, just been around a long time. I've had most of the calibers and rifles mentioned in this thread, so I can give you some first hand advice (not theory or something I read). First, they can ALL do the job if the hunter does his or her part - practice at different ranges, learns about game anatomy, uses the right bullet for the job, knows his/her limitations, etc. The Ruger ultra lite in .270 is a great gun (I've had one) - It's a little on the light side for really long shots. The Rem. 700 (I've owned several) is a classic. I currently have a 700 Mountain rifle in .280 and have killed about 50 big game animals with it. Antelope, whitetails, muleys and elk - it does it all. I've shot the TC, but am a little wary about recommending a single shot. Maybe I'm not that confident a shooter. I also currently own a Rem. Model 7 in 300WSM, which is short and would be nice for woods hunting - but you probably don't need that big of a bullet. In addition to the guns I've mentioned, I've owned Winchesters, several other Rugers - including the International in .308 with a Mannlicher stock (another great gun for woods hunting) and the old style Savage 99 in .308 with the rotary magazine (too bad they stopped making that one). But my (slight)favorite is the Tikka Lite Stainless. I just got this rifle a couple of months ago. It's SUPER accurate - guaranteed to shoot 3 shots under 1 inch @ 100 yards, and it does every time. It's light - under 6 and a half pounds without scope, and it's less expense than most of the others and comes with rings and has a built in rail. This season I shot an antelope and 4x4 whitetail with it (270WSM). With a 24 1/2 in barrel, it may be a little long for woods hunting. Anyway, that's some info from an old-timer. I'd be glad to answer any specific questions about any of these guns or calibers. I hope it helps and good luck to all!
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