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The Savage is one of the best shooting guns out there and hands down the best in their price range. They may not be the prettiest gun out there but I prefer to shoot them than look at them. As for the caliber I would probably stay with the 06. It is a versatile round and easy to find plus its a .308 bullet so you have the widest selection of bullets of any cal out there. The only other cartridge I would look at would be the 308 win. Unless your shooting bullets over 165gr, your ballistics are virtually identical to the 06 and you get a short action. Out of my savage 10 I am shooting a 165gr hornday sst at 2770-2780fps with a clean barrel. The 257 and 280 are both great rounds and I do love the ballistics on them but I do tend to shy away from less popular rounds due to occasional availability issues. I also strongly lean to 30 cal rifles because of bullet availability for reloading. Go with the Savage and stay with the 06 unless you just want a different round and if so go with the 308
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