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There are Weatherbys and there are Vanguards

There are two types of Weatherby rifles. Weatherby Mark Vs and Vanguards. The Weatherby Mark Vs are made to Weatherby specs and feature the 6 or 9 lug Weatherby action. The Weatherby Vanguards are made for Weatherby by Howa of Japan. The Company Howa also makes and sells rifles under their own name of Howa. I think that the Smith and Wesson rifles offered at one time were also made for them by Howa but I could be wrong on that one. I am a fan of the 30-06 for hunting Elk and Deer. The 280 Rem is just as good on both, just don't forget your ammo if you are using a 280 Rem. Savages are very accurate rifles and if you skip the cheapest version very nice. I agree with what others have said that they are probibly the least attractive compaired to Vanguards. The Vanguards have a 24 inch barrel and are a little heavier then the Savages that sport a 22 inch. I like the one piece bolt on the Vanguard over the multi-piece one on the Savage. Personally if I was spending my money on one of those two Vanguard or Savage 110, I would be bringing home a Vanguard. Not to cloudy the waters but I would look at the Marlin XL7 prior to buying either the Vanguard or Savage 110. I would avoid the pure entry model Savage Axis.

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