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Lightbulb Interesting...

I've been practicing with my first bow for about 2 months now. The bow was a gift for my birthday, so naturally, I haven't been out to buy much for it. I have been using my boyfriend's release the whole time, until now. I bought my own new release - the Scott Archery Cougar in a small size. Using this new release, my shots were suddenly very high! As we scratched our heads thinking, he tells me to use his release for one more shot, and it was dead on!

....The new release made my shot placement different? Just out of curiosity, can anyone tell me the mechanics of how this happened? So weird!!

PS: We adjusted the sights to the new release--got my old groupings back...panic averted. Word to the wise, don't change your release in the middle of the season! I'm glad I changed now before it was too late and I messed everything up lol
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