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The Swiss dont think Hunting is a sport - no joke.

Iíve been an avid hunter nearly all my life, but until now had never really been a forum-user. Thatís because until now Iíd not come across an issue I felt was of significant importance but that wasnít already known about. Unfortunately, a buddy told me about this and I feel itís worth at least discussion.

It basically relates to the expansion of the internet, and a way in which hunting may be deliberately excluded from this expansion.

In short, the powers that be are expanding the Internet's naming system. Right now everyone is used to seeing websites that end in .com, .org, .net, etc. However, thereís a program underway as I type where people have applied to run things like .food, .music and, crucially, .sport.

Now correct me if you think Iím wrong but I reckon hunting is a sport. I thought everybody did, but apparently thatís not true. Thereís this group in Switzerland who want the exclusive right to .sport as a web address (called a top level domain apparently). Their plan is to then divvy out addresses to sports clubs and so on. So you might see something like or What you WONíT see is, because Sport Accord wonít accept hunting as a sport. To them, a sport is defined like this (I pulled this text from their application which I got linked to)

As stated above, Sport is usually defined as a physical or athletic activity, with often an element of competition. Sport can be primarily physical, primarily mind, primarily motorized, primarily coordination, primarily animal-supported The sport proposed should in no way be harmful to any living creatures.The sport should not rely on any ďluckĒ element specifically designed into the sport. The activities of the Sport community related to Learning⁄teaching, Performing, Organizing, Viewing, Developing, Improving (fortius, altius, citius). All these aspects are part of the generally accepted connotations of the word ďsportĒ and also match the spirit and the letter of the community definition.

So what theyíre saying is that hunting isnít a sport. Well, generally I wouldnít care what they think and would put it down to some political agenda, but if they are going to get to control a big bit of the internet, and stop hunting websites getting a .sport address, I do care. I donít think thatís right.

The reason I raise this here isnít so much to grumble (got a wife and a few older-than-Iíd Ėlike-to-admit friends to do that to) Ė itís that at the moment Sport Accord havenít been given control of .sport, and the guys who might give it to them are looking for comments on their application.
So what Iím going to do is post a comment saying I think itís wrong to exclude hunters Ė and I thought if more people knew about it and also said something, the more likely it would be that someone might listen. Theyíre sneaky though, and thereís only a week left to post comments Ė so we gotta be quick. August 12 is the deadline.

SO I reckon this should be discussed here, and if people want to get involved and leave a comment, hereís the info:

Sport Accordís Application details are here: - Application Details

And to file a comment you go here, make an account then pick SportAccord as the applicant and .sport to place a comment on -

Thought it was worth mentioning anyway!

Pass it on to others.
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