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My thoughts are why not be slightly different. The 30-06 is like a model T Ford, everyone has one it runs all day and gets the job done. I have a couple of 30-06 rifles and have no problems grabbing one to hunt with. However, why not venture with being a little differnt than the neighbor? Weatherby in 280 would serve you well and take anything in the USA except the big bears. Savage has a good name for accuracy but leaves much to the eye for dull mulldane looks and will not hold their value over the years, compared to other makes. Even the old 270 win might be a slightly better choise for you doing most of your hunting in Florida. Their are plenty of other makes out their that would fill your needs. Another option would be to locate a nice used rifle like a Remington mountain rifle, these are hard to beat. Thinking outside the box can be a rewarding experience! Purchasing a new rifle should be a fun experience and after doing all your homework you will find which rifle meets your current needs. Good luck!
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