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6.5mm Question

I am looking to getting an all purpose weapon to utilize the weapon for hunting and to keep in the house for self defense, possibly even long range hunting. So far, I have looked at the 5.56, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8SPC, .308; I have looked at all these in AR style systems. I know a bolt action would be more sufficient for hunting, but i have been in the military for too long and me and the carbines have spend too much time together. After doing a comparison it came down to the 6.8SPC and the 6.5 Grendal. The 6.8SPC won but only because of one chronic statement which i heard over and over "6.5 Grendal's are good for long range, not short range."

****So my main Question is if a 6.5 Grendal can take down a deer at 700 yards, then why cant it take down a deer a 200 yards?*****

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