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I'm new by a couple weeks to this forum but a long time deer hunter. I've tried about everything just like a lot of other hunters to try to get that big buck to be where I'd like him to be when I needed him to be there but have fallen short. Truth of the matter for me anyways is that if it was that easy I probably would quit. It's not that there are some good attractants out there but the fact that there is more to it than that. Those guys are smart and more so than we think. I use to fly over a 3000 acre public land just below my house that was farm land growing up into forest. I would get off work and hop in my ultralight and go "scouting". I would watch as their racks grew and I would know where to go to see them. It was fun! But 2 things I learned that surprised me. First when October 1st(archery opens) got here everything changed THAT day. Now understand that there were hardly any hunters mostly because the trees weren't big enough for climbing stands. I would fly down where most hunters wouldn't walk(no vehicles off main roads) and still would not see the bucks, maybe one once in a while. I noted this over several years and it still puzzles me. Will tell the second thing later.
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