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Today was an interesting morning but you talk about hot and humid. Once again to remind everyone, this is an out of the box rifle with no glass bedding or pillar bedding and this rifle uses a pressure point up close to the end of the for end. No, I do not have any intention of changing it at the moment. But today was a very good day of discovery. First, 200gr Accubonds give me great velocities but the accuracy is very poor. I have tried now different loads with RL-25, RL-22, MRP, Magnum and IMR7828 and the groups are embarrassing to say the least. My rifle simply does not like them. I have 100 200gr Accubonds left and will trade them for some 200gr Partitions if someone is willing to do so, and if you are willing please pm me about trading.

Magnum powder preformed well, my barrel did not get as hot to the touch as with the other powders and accuracy was fair to good but average velocities were 2951fps with the 220gr and that was disappointing. Now IMR7828 did very well in velocity with the 220gr SBT and accuracy was good and this was with one grain under book max. I am very please with this powder and the Sierra SBT. I will be soon testing 250gr bullets and also some 200gr (forgive me for even using these words and don't remind me of my dislike for terminal results I get with the :mrgreen: - Barnes TSX).

220gr SBT, 83.0grs IMR7828, Rem brass, Rem 9 1/2M primers, 3016fps, OAL 3.600" .964 minus first round which was first round out of a clean barrel. After ten shoots this group should tighten up a little more once the barrel is fouled good.

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