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Well guys, my wife and I have been talking about this situation alot here lately as the punishment from the NCAA has been handed down. I have to say, I'm sort of in the middle of you three. I agree with spiker that Paterno knew this was going on and therefore he's just as guilty. IF he were alive today, he'd have already been in jail and posted bond.. let's agree to that. Do I believe he made a mistake? YES. I believe in any situation you have two options, to go along with it or reject it- no matter how serious the situation. In this case, I think Paterno didn't want to believe it was going on, but he knew it was. He was the sole person that should've blown the whistle. Think about this... if ANYONE else had blown that whistle what would've happened to them? They would've been ran out of PENN and the media would've distroyed them. They even said on the news that janitors actually SAW Sandusky raping boys. Think about their situation though... think about a janitor reporting this? What would happen to them? Utter RUIN... NOW... I'm not condoning what the janitors did- they should've done what was right, and they should've reported it NO MATTER the circumstance. My point is,,, PATERNO was the one that should've stepped up and done it. And he didn't.

As far as the NCAA's punishment.. Do I think it's too harsh? NO. In fact, I would've like for more to happen. You see, T2H, the NCAA has to make an example out of Penn State and I completely agree with it. If it means they lose a TON of things, so be it. I guarantee you it'll never happen again there. Which is the ultimate goal. They also want to make it loud and clear to all other NCAA schools that this crap will not occur without SEVERE penalties. Since this has really become a media hay-day, and EVERYONE knows about the Penn St. deal.... it will be easier for janitors in the future to come forward and report this. BECAUSE it has already happened else where. NCAA should have taken football away from Penn State for 4 years. PERIOD. Leave that stadium empty for 4 years so that ALL those coaches and trainers and people who knew about this going on, will never do it again. They should also suspend any and all football coaches for 4 years from coaching ANY NCAA, NAIA, or other collegiate or HS program. They will never do that again.

So like I said, I agree with both of you. Paterno has been judged by the Lord Almighty. It's not our place to say that he should burn in hell. That's the Lord's decision. Personally, I am thankful for my salvation. I know where my standing reservation is at when I die. :)

James 1:2-8
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