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I'd like to start deer hunting: advice

Hello everyone!

I've been wanting to get into deer hunting for a few years now. I've been on a rifle squad and am a generally good target shooter, but hunting animials is completely new to me.

My question is this: I do not and cannot own a gun based on my living situation. I also don't think I'll be able to afford a $500 rifle in the future, regardless. (Which seems to be the price for the better hunting rifles at Cabela's.) Is there any way to become involved in hunting, otherwise, or should I just wait five or so years up the road to pursue this as a hobby? Are there community clubs or trips out there, for people like me?

I'm mostly interested in deer hunting because I figure if I'm going to pay for a liscene, I might as well get some meat out of it; that would actually break even, IMO.

Thanks in advance,


katie mcginnis

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