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Dead on hold distance for a 243 Win 100gr

The dead on distance is dependent on the actual velocity that you are getting on your handload at the muzzle and the aerodynamics of your bullet of choice. All of the reloading manuals have the balistic tables in the back that will show for their bullet with a BC of X and a velocity of Y this is your drop at 200 300 400 etc. If you figure you have a kill zone of say 8 inches that gives you a plus/minus of 4. You can then get and idea of at what range your bullet has now dropped say 6 inches. This is if you have set it say 2 inches high at 100 yards. I am sure that someone else has a more scientific way of doing it, but I believe this way will work. Most of us have no business shooting farther than say 200 yards at a Deer in my opinion.

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