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Nothing personal a debate.Were talking about a man here who knew since 1989 kids were being raped.Now lets get one thing straight here my family is in law enforcement.This was not a choice it was a criminal act knowing these rapes were committed and then covering them up.This is not changing a kids grade so he can play on Sunday.This is kids being raped by a monster.In my eyes he's a pedophile just like Sandusky.I wonder if Paterno would ve left his grandkids alone with Sandusky?This was an atrocity no different when the church covered up their abuse.I dont know why people look up to this guy for god sakes he was a football coach.He's nothing.A soldier desrves respect and honor,policemen,firemen,first responders etc.Thats the problem with this country we look up to idiots and he was one of them.I agree the kids are not guilty for what these men did but Paterno and anyone else who covered this up should burn in hell.
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