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when it seems like the Deer have all left the areas, think back on what we've done and how we did it.
Many times the reason we don't see as much wildlife as we used to is because we've become
very typical and predictable in how we hunt or scout our hunting spots, by that I mean
we tend to enter the woods from the same locations every time and walk the same trails every time
and stop to investigate all the typical spots and before we know it the Deer have patterned us.
They know where we come in and where we'll be going when we arrive.
Most times all we need to do to correct it is to give the area a break for a month or two depending on how long we've continued our typical patterns.
We're only human, the things we do when we scout/hunt are very natural and common practices,
It's easy to become relaxed enough to allow it to happen, I bet it happens to all of us from time to time.
This is all a part of learning.
Good Luck

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