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blackhorn 209 in a cva wolf

Hey, I'm new here and had a question. Last summer I saw a cva wolf on sale real cheap and got it so that I could go deer hunting for one extra season. It turns out I love it so much that it replaced my shotgun for regular firearm deer season. Right now I use 777 pellets and I was wondering if I could use blackhorn 209. It has the quick release breach plug. The bottle of blackhorn says that it only works with certain breechplugs and I was wondering if mine was one of them. I don't want to buy a bottle of powder, measurer and new primers if it's not going to work. If it's not compatible, is the new alliant black mz any cleaner burning than 777 pellets? My goal is to minimize swabbing the barrel between shots. Like I said, I love the gun but it would be much more convenient if I didn't have to swab. Thanks.
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