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Originally Posted by spiker View Post
I agree with this but dont spoonfeed me that Romney was a hard worker.Neither of these two silver spoon fed idiots ever worked an honest day in their life.

With all due respect, spiker, I don't think Mitt had a choice while he was in the womb as to who he'd be born to. Now, my parents were filthy rich, but we weren't poor either. We did ok. The important thing is that Mitt did not MOOTCH off his parents to the point where he never made anything out of himself. He DID do the work to make his OWN millions. To each his own. If I had the opportunity in business to take on a venture to make millions of dollars, heck, I'd probably do it too. Yes, his parents probably helped him out in the beginning, but guess what... my parents bought me a complete USED living room set and bedroom set when I went away to college. Everyone's parents helps them out. When I got married my parents gave my wife and I a very NICE wedding present consisting of $. That stuff happens.

The main point is that Obama has to go. He's absolutely going for the distruction of this great nation. He WANTS this nation to fail and the bad thing is more than half the nation is ignorant of the fact. Have you ever really listened to a die-hard democrat-- not the ones on TV, but in real life? They are absolutely ignorant of anything going on in this country. They sure do have a lot of "HOPE" for the better, but they are blind of how our country is going and how far down that is. It's almost not worth the time to get them worked up b/c they might go convince someone else to vote dem just to make themselves feel better.

I guarantee you all one thing... if the legal voting age was 30 instead of 18, there would never be another dem in office again. Figure that one out.....

James 1:2-8
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