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Boy you two hit the nail on the head... the Liberal government wants to take all credit and eat their cake too. Makes me want to puke everytime I hear Obama on the radio or TV here lately. It's election time, so the lies are POURING out. That idiot will literally say anything to anyone to get a vote.

Delbert... just like Romney, you worked hard and created your business and worked long, hot, tiring hours to perfect your trade. Everything you have earned and have gained, you deserve.

Here's another thought for you, I've said it before and I'll say it again, I think it's WRONG that we have to pay sales tax AND income tax both when all it's going to is money-hungary politicians who piss it away worse than these welfare scums living off free money and drugs. I'm all for paying one of the two taxes, but both? Comon, that's flat rediculous. Anyone ever add up how much you spend each year in sales tax? You'd be amazed.

BTW... I have encountered something that I should pass along to you all. In Columbia, Missouri (which is about 35 min away from my house) there are now people who approach you in parking lots claiming to be "stranded" and needing money to buy some gas. One guy who approached my father-in-law forgot to hide his wad of money that he has already "made" .... must've had over $100 from people who thought he was really in trouble. This takes the cake... to me this is worse than sitting at home doing nothing and collecting welfare.

Get ready for it guys.... if Obama gets re-elected... we are in for hell on earth in this country we all love.

James 1:2-8
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