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Editor Craig Boddington is a fan of the 8mm Mag

I have read several articles in Guns and Ammo editor Craig Boddington is a big fan of the 8mm Mag. I think that he went so far as to say it is his favorite cartridge. I know that you are handloading for yours, but if you didn't reload I would worry about ammo availability. I don't know whether the animal could tell the difference between being hit by a 8mm Mag or a 338 Win Mag. The 338 Mag is I think more popular, and recommended for the same class of animal. The 338 Win Mag is also the same length as a 30-06 and doesn't require a Magnum length action. I have shot my buddies 340 Weatherby I am guessing the 8mm Mag would have similar recoil.

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