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Originally Posted by Capt Rick Hiott View Post
I plan on getting my first deer with the Taurus Raging Bull 454 this year.
I got up in the stand the other day and had a try at 80 yards without sand bags to rest on.
The scope is set at 30 yards,, so I had to shoot about 12" low to get this.

Capt Rick Hiott, This is a really decent group for any handgun at 80 yards but it I wouldn't accept this is as being the best grouping I could do, I hope you plan on improving your accuracy before attempting to shoot at any deer in the 80 yard range.
Deer are extremely tough animals and knowing deer rarely offer up perfect shots to anyone, You'd hit the deer but chances are you'd only wound it causing it to bound off never to be found.

Good Luck and I hope you bag your first handgun Deer!

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