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Okay, I am open to suggestions as to what did it. As stated there absolutely has been no fire there. And the only equipment ever near there would be four wheelers. The owner does mow the outside perimeter of the area with a tractor and bush hog (see the picture of the two does on their hind legs for example) but he would not have it in the interior of the woods. As you can see there is nothing to mow.

And we have no moose in North Alabama. Although some months back there was an elk running around the area that no one had any idea where it came from. But as I remember it was a cow anyway. The game wardens finally caught up with it and shot it.

If a buck like the eight pointer in the picture reared up on his hind legs like the two does are doing, he could rub that high and wouldn't have to back up to the tree. And notice that the upper portion is not rubbed nearly as much as the lower portion.

So okay, if you don't think it is a buck rub, what do you say it is???

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