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Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr View Post
By your post I would say that you have a solid system that works really well for you. Nine Deer in the freezer are a testament to your success. I would settle for one in the freezer right now. We didn't get one last year or the year before. I feel a pattern developing that isn't good.

I've been a successful deer hunter for the past six seasons. My kill totals for those six seasons were 1, 1, 1, 4, 2, and 4. Nine were with my .30-06, two with my .50 cal muzzleloader, one with my crossbow, and one with a borrowed 7 mm magnum.

My very first kill was a spike buck at 240 yards with my friend's borrowed 7 mm Remington Magnum. We were set up in his two man portable ground blind in his field. I was using his Savage 7 mm mag. The deer walks out of the woods and starts eating corn left from the harvest. I settled the crosshairs on the deer and pulled the trigger..............CLICK! I am sure the deer is going to get away. Anyway I open the bolt and see that for some reason a round did not chamber when I closed the bolt. This time I make sure a round chambers and aim at the deer again.........BOOM. But the deer nonchalantly keeps eating corn! I expected him to bolt any second. My friend hands me his Remington Sendero 7 mm mag and says, "Take this one. I know where it hits" I shoot again and the deer drops in its tracks. Later when examing the scope on the first rifle, we discovered that one of the crosshairs was actually broken. You could see a gap in it.

By the next season I had obtained my '06 and made my second kill with it. It was a six point buck. This past season I killed two bucks and two does, all with the '06. So far the biggest deer I have killed was a doe. I got it season before last with my crossbow.

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