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I zero my .30-06 at 25 yards and leave the elevation adjustment alone. I check the windage at 100 yards for any needed adjustment. That way I am dead on at two distances, 25 yards and somewhere past 100 yards. And point of impact is never more than a couple of inches off point of aim out to my maximum range.

This works because the bullet leaves the barrel below the line of sight. As it travels down range it rises above the line of sight at 25 yards. At some point past 100 yards it crosses the line of sight again as it drops. This way out to at least 150 yards I can just center the crosshairs on the vital area of a deer and pull the trigger.

So far I have fired my '06 nine times at deer at ranges from 25 to 125 yards. I put all nine of those deer on the ground. No follow up shots were needed. Some dropped in their tracks and some ran but none farther than 100 yards. And those that ran always left an easily followed blood trail although most of the time I didn't need it. Those that ran usually fell within my sight.

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