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This is going to sound strange but try it....

After you get your rifle from the store it will probibly be bore sighted. That is pretty worthless in my opinion. I always bore sight it myself by removing the bolt on a bolt action and centering both the bore and the cross hairs at 25 yards. Afterwards fire two shots at 25 yards, then adjust your scope to the exact center of the bull. Remember a 1 inch adjustment at 25 yards requires a 4 inch adjustment on the turrets. The turrets are calibrated for 100 yards changes. After you get your rifle dialed in at 25 yards drop back to 50 yards and rezero the rifle. Your adjustments will again not match the turrets, a 1 inch change at 50 yards is a 2 inch adjustment on the turrets. After this point ask yourself what is the range I can expect to shoot my Whitetail at. Is your area very woody, or mainly open spaces? I think most hunters are better off to have a rifle dead on at 100 yards. The old rule of 2 to 3 inches high at a 100 yards helped me miss an Elk on my first shot 20 years ago. After you zero your rifle at say 100 yards, go back and fire at 25 and 50 yards. You want to know where the bullet really is at various ranges. The prep time at the range should be fun, if it starts being work call it a day. I always like to say when I begin to shoot like crap, it's time for a milk shake and call it a day.

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