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Obama care vote.

Lets hope the SC strikes down the individual mandate today. I do not like health care costs anymore than the next person, however, Obama care is not the way to go. Changes are needed but the tax payer cannot be forced, by Washington mandate, to pay for non-citizen's health care, or we as a free peoples will be crushed by a progressive socialist government set on controlling every aspect of our daily lives. Obama care is truly only the begining of his, I have a socialist DREAM, that all Americans will be controlled by me at my whim and like it or not, me, Nancy and Harry will rule the world! The citizens of the Uninted States had better wake up and see this president for what he really is, socialist, communist, power hungry, dictator. Every day that I see his face and listen to his rants and ravings, is one day too many. Am I doing back flips over Romeny, no but I see him as the lessor of to evils. Sorry for the spelling this morning but pretty fired up in hopes that the SC does the right thing. Let the people push for the right health care reforms, that's freedom as I see it!
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