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Glad to hear you finally sold the Knight HM, it has always been one of the finest front enders out there in my opinion anyway. And hard to find a used one in really nice shape too. Back when you first listed that gun I was within an inch and a half of calling you on it, but I need another gun as much as I need some more kids to pay for college and weddingsLOLOL. Oh well, hope the new owner appreciates what he got from you, I'm sure your gun was pretty well pristine. Oh, and by the by, congrats on the new FORD, I saw your post a while back, I haven't been on here for awhile, need to catch up. One of my uncles bought the same truck about 5 months ago with the 3.7 twin turbo V6, but he is not getting the mileage they advertised. I got a new Ram 1500, Hemi(390 HP and 407 ft.lbs. of torque) 16 months ago and I religiously get 19 or 20 mpg at about 65 mph. I pull a 5300 lb boat with this truck, piece of cake. I tried to buy a Ford back then for a change of pace, but they would not deal 'cause of the new revamp on all the engines. I drove my last Ram for 16 years, best truck I ever had. I imagine I will hear from Tator on this, that boy is a die hard Chevy man.
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